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Vascular Diagnostics

Completed over 5,000 laser procedures with a 99.9% success rate

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We accept most major insurances



We are an ACAVL Accredited Lab

Updated equipment, Vena cure 240, well trained staff.

Screening Exams

- Carotid


- Abdominal Aortic US

- ABI's




- Renal




2014 Top Doctors of Albuquerque

"I enjoy healing people and improving quality of life."

Services Provided

We provide a wide range of vein related services including diagnosies and treatment of

  • varicose veins

  • S.V.T.

  • blood clots

  • treatment of DVT's

  • varicose vein laser closure

  • sclero therapy

  • vascular surgery

  • general surgery: gallbladders, hernias, lipomas, etc.

2019 Top Doctors of Albuquerque

"Dedication. This one word epitomizes my father."

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VenaCure EVLT-Laser Vein Treatment

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