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Completed over 5,000 laser procedures with a 99.9% success rate

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We are an ACAVL Accredited Lab

Updated equipment, Vena cure 240, well trained staff.

Screening Exams

- Carotid


- Abdominal Aortic US

- ABI's




- Renal




2019 Top Doctors of Albuquerque

"Dedication. This one word epitomizes my father."

2014 Top Doctors of Albuquerque

"I enjoy healing people and improving quality of life."

Services Provided

We provide a wide range of vein related services including diagnosies and treatment of

  • varicose veins

  • S.V.T.

  • blood clots

  • treatment of DVT's

  • varicose vein laser closure

  • sclero therapy

  • vascular surgery

  • general surgery: gallbladders, hernias, lipomas, etc.

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VenaCure EVLT-Laser Vein Treatment

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