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Patient Resources //

Important Notice

​Medicare does not pay for compression hose, contact your insurance company to check benefits and coverage on your plan. Most insurance companies do not cover compression hose.


Helpful Information //



Medical Supply Stores for Compression Hose //

​​A&R Medical Supply

5010 Lomas NE

PH: 505-256-1610

Fax: 505-265-7284

*Ace wraps available here

2003 Southern #123

PH: 505-917-9344

Fax: 505-994-9014


Santa Fe Professional O&P

807 Early St

505.988.5526 (Must have appt)


Hanger (LHP & PRES)

Santa Fe Location

435 St. Michaels Dr #C

PH: 505.988.5526

Fax: 505.989.4464


Durans Pharmacy

1815 Central Ave NW

PH: 505.247.4141

Fax: 505.843.6249


Active Life (LHP)

124 Alvarado Dr SE

PH: 505.266.1700

Fax: 505.349.5170




Foot Smart



Ace Bandages or call 1.877.525.7224 or call 1.800.982.0939

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